Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Science, Nature and Beauty: Harmony and Cosmological Perspectives in Islamic Science

Science, Nature and Beauty: Harmony and Cosmological Perspectives in Islamic Science” is an exhibit that showcases over 90 manuscripts, instruments and objects from the Muslim World Manuscript collection housed in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the Columbia University Libraries. It is a collective curatorial effort that has involved students, faculty members, librarians and library staff working hand-in-hand.

The items exhibited help to bring into clear relief the complex and dynamic ways in which sciences permeated almost all aspects of life within the Muslim world, not only during the so-called “golden age” or “classical” centuries of Islamic history but until at least the middle of the 18th century. The exhibit also contributes to an understanding of Islamic science as a robust, diverse and lively scholarly endeavor, and as a central and non-reducible component of larger and non-linear histories, cultures and traditions of the arts and sciences.

This exhibit is open to all: visitors and members of the public, please be aware of the University COVID compliance requirements, and be prepared to show government-issued ID at the Library Information Office in order to enter Butler Library. The hours for the Library Information Office can be found here, and for the Rare Book and Manuscript Library here.

A pdf of the accompanying e-brochure can be downloaded here.;jsessionid=NSdPXZEF9F7ulYUbrK__2f04AdHygU7HHNmEH-07.calprdapp05


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Usul Forum 2022 - Rooted Revival: Definitions, Ideas & Figures - Opening Session

Modernity swept across the Islamic World in the 19th and early 20th centuries sending shock waves. It generated three main responses from Muslim intellectuals ranging from those who sought to reject it outright to those who sought to adopt or accommodate it.  The first two approaches have been studied extensively. The third approach, which has not yet received sufficient scholarly attention, was the path of “rooted revival.”  The Forum explores this approach at the conceptual and theoretical level, uncovering its genealogical roots in the 18th century right through to the early 20th century and the influence it had in the second half of the 20th century.   We intend for this Forum to be an exploratory space for wide-ranging discussions on the overarching theme of “rooted revival.” We would also like to highlight that this Forum is envisioned as a starting point for a scholarly conversation. It is our intention to build a network and host annual events through which further discussions and publications on these themes can be supported and encouraged.   Visit: Follow us: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Usul Forum 2022 - Rooted Revival: Definitions, Ideas & Figures - Session 1

Session 1 (Arabic):                          
Moderator: Dr. Ahmad Snobar
1.      Dr. Recep Senturk (Ibn Haldun University & Usul Academy, Turkey) 2.      Dr. Mahmud al-Misri (Fatih Sultan Mehmet University/Dar al-Makhtutat, Turkey) 3.      Dr. Amjad Rashid (WISE, Jordan)
4.      Dr. Dheen Mohamed (Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar)

NBC News: "The suspect in New Mexico Muslim killings was arrested twice on domestic violence charges" (8/10/2022)

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Accidental Feminist

 a staged reading

by Alaudin Ullah
Directed by Reena Dutt


Friday, August 5 @ 8 pm
Saturday, August 6 @ 2:30 pm
Saturday, August 6 @ 8 pm


A comedian turned documentarian is inspired to go back to his parents’ village in Bangladesh to complete a documentary as a gift to his mother. Upon arrival, secrets of his parents’ past are revealed, extremists kill bloggers and throw acid on women who defy them, and the female ghosts of 1971 liberation appear while Alaudin must choose between returning home or championing local women as an accidental feminist.