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A Second-Place Victory for Paul - NYTimes.com


@tariqramadan, 1/10/12 4:50 PM

TariqRamadan (@tariqramadan)
1/10/12 4:50 PM
#Islam #Ethics #Reform New Research Center in Doha : Islamic Legislation and Ethics : cilecenter.org/app/media/13

Suhaib Webb: Do We Need a Modern Tafsir? - Understanding Islam - Reading Islam - OnIslam.net


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Mother Jones (@MotherJones)
1/10/12 6:42 PM
Our piece on FBI informants mojo.ly/pdbPvd in light their role in the arrest of Sami Osmakac on Saturday abcn.ws/A4pbpf

The Islamic Monthly (new magazine)

The Islamic Monthly is an independent, U.S.-based publication that fosters public discussion on a broad range of issues and concerns related to Muslims in the modern world. The magazine was launched in January 2011 as an effort to create a forum for the free exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions. We, at The Islamic Monthly, do not seek to be the sole voice of Islam or the Muslim community. Rather, the magazine is part of an ongoing experiment of a free Muslim press eager to build on the rich tradition of public discourse found in Islamic and Western history. We firmly believe that an honest discourse is only possible when we open ourselves to response, criticism, feedback and debate. In this spirit we invite our readers, supporters and critics to participate in this process.

Haroon Moghul's Upcoming Speaking Engagements: From Spokane, Washington, to Connecticut


My Guantánamo Nightmare by Lakhdar Boumediene

In 2008, my demand for a fair legal process went all the way to America’s highest court. In a decision that bears my name, the Supreme Court declared that “the laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force, in extraordinary times.” It ruled that prisoners like me, no matter how serious the accusations, have a right to a day in court. The Supreme Court recognized a basic truth: the government makes mistakes. And the court said that because “the consequence of error may be detention of persons for the duration of hostilities that may last a generation or more, this is a risk too significant to ignore.”


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ICNYU Conference: Early Registration Extended til Midnight Tonight! Abdallah Adhami & Linda Sarsour Confirmed to Speak!

New York University





The Islamic Center at New York University invites you to hear leading American Muslims engage the pressing challenges of our present and the great potentials of our future. Over a course of two days, thinkers, scholars, leaders and artists will debate, discuss and explore our embrace of the mainstream.
Hosted in New York on February 10th and 11th, this third of an annual series has become a critical moment on our calendars; a conference of introspection, dynamic exchange, fresh ideas and spiritual reconstruction.

Joining us this year will be Suhaib Webb, Khalid Latif, Haroon Moghul, Siraj Wahhaj (invited), Abdallah Adhami, Wisam Sharieff (invited), Raymond Brock-Murray, Maryum Khwaja, Khalil Abdur Rashid, Linda Sarsour and many more!

Cost (includes entrance to all sessions, bazaar and lunch on Saturday)

Early Bird Special of $40 by January 10th!
$50 by January 30th, $60 after January 30th

For more information or to register, please visit www.icnyuconference.org

All sales of ICNYU Conference 2012 are final; no returns are accepted.


Can't make it out to NYC this year for the ICNYU Conference?

Don't worry! We will be livestreaming the entire thing so that anyone can join us from anywhere in the world! All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a valid email address.

Cost: $12.50 by January 30th, $17.50 after January 30th

To register for the webcast, please visit www.icnyuconference.org

Be sure to use an email address that you regularly check to make your purchase because we will be sending a unique password and link for the webcast to that email address 3 hours before the conference starts on friday and another password and link for the webcast 3 hours before it starts on saturday.

All sales of ICNYU Conference 2012 Webcast are final; no returns are accepted


Join the Islamic Center at NYU for its Third Annual Umrah Trip this Spring! More info here

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