Saturday, November 15, 2008

a beginning...

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

All praise be to the Creator and Sustainer of all and prayers and blessings be upon upon beloved Prophet, Muhammad.

...A friend of mine urged me today start a blog; other's have encouraged me to do so before...I have been posting a  number of links and notes on facebook...I'm still trying to think of the pros and cons of posting there vs. having my own blog..

But to start I want dedicate the coming up with the name of this blog to my friend and classmate Abdul Latif. Abdul Latif had to bear with 4 years of me spitting out random information at the most random times on everything from there's an event going on somewhere, this book on _____ just came out, so-and-so said blank, another so-and-so is going to be here for the coming three times I definitely annoyed him with it, other times some of the information was beneficial...

Anyway, a name came out of it and this would allow me to share information jokingly starting with "in Ebaade news today..." and getting feedback that "ebaade news has been weak lately" :)

in sha Allah (God-willing) I pray that this site will of some benefit to any readers out there...My name by the way is Ebad or Ebadur Rahman (yes I know it's plural :) long story)  

peace and blessings,



  1. asalaam alaykum ebad! welcome to the blogosphere. The benefits of the blog are numerous: all your posts, and feedback are organized in one place and accessible to a much larger net of people than would be the case with fb. And people can subscribe to your blog (I guess you can get live feeds on fb or something that is similar) so that whenever you update your blog, the updates are in my inbox or my rss feeder.

    look forward to reading your thoughts :)

  2. wa alaykum salaam Sadia! lol i didn't see this until today...:) i think i might try my hand at this blog again...I got some encouragement and thoughts from Rayad Khan to do here goes..