Sunday, October 25, 2009

Exciting Readings for Class!

Salaams everybody,

Ma sha Allah, this week for my 'Poverty of Literature' class we're reading Richard Wright's Black Boy, and for my 'The Faith Between Us' writing seminar, we're reading James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time! (And next week is Reinhold Niebuhr's The Irony of American History!) You can say that I'm very much enjoying my first semester at NYU!

In other news, I have to say - I really like this spoken word piece by Cornel West, "3M's" in the background of this slideshow from the "Martin & Malcolm: Implications of their Legacies for the Future" event where Imam Zaid spoke with Cornel West in December 2005.

Here are the lyrics from a part of it:

"brother Malcolm
truth teller about the night side of american democracy
tellin' america like it is,
its vicious legacy of white supremacy

we shall never forget the witness that you bore
we shall never forget the love that you laid bare

your fiery spirit is at work among the younger generation
they and us shall never forget you"

-Cornel West in 3Ms

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