Friday, February 8, 2013

"Malcolm X is the best medicine against genocide.

He showed us by example and prophetic preaching that one does not have to stay in the mud. We can wake up; we can stand up; and we can take that long walk toward freedom. Freedom is first and foremost an inner recognition of self-respect, a knowledge that one was not put on this earth to be a nobody. Using drugs and killing each other are the worst forms of nobodyness. Our foreparents fought against great odds (slavery, lynchings, and segregation), but they did not self-destruct. Some died fighting, and others, inspired by their example, kept moving toward the promised land of freedom, singing "we ain't going to let nobody turn us around." African-Americans can do the same today. We can fight for our dignity and self-respect. To be proud to be black does not mean being against white people, unless whites are against respecting the humanity of blacks. Malcolm was not against whites; he was for blacks and against their exploitation.
 -Dr. James H. Cone [father of black liberation theology, professor at Union Theological Seminary in NYC where Dr. Cornel West currently teaches at, again] in his Martin & Malcolm & America (1992), pg. 317.

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