Saturday, August 29, 2015

Poem by Imam Zaid Shakir: From Eastern Skies

From Eastern Skies
From eastern skies the stars brought forth their light,
Conveyed by hearts transcending desert nights,
Igniting flames that burn the dross of sin,
Bequeathing the courage to gaze within,
Freeing the hearts to know the secrets there,
Those secrets to their lovers do they share.
Their wisdom sometimes subtle, sometimes frank
Defy pretenses of a social rank.
For knowledge is for all men to enjoy
And ignorance their calling to destroy.
For Moses, Jesus, David, Muhammad
Are guiding stars that light the firmament.
Its ancient vault spanning turbulent seas;
The storms they birth become a gentle breeze...
That whisper to the far shores of the west:
With knowledge, truth and faith ye shall be blessed!

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