Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Guardians of Faith in Modern Times: ʿUlamaʾ in the Middle East" (2009): Table of Contents

The "heirs of the prophets" in Islamic history. 'Ulama' between the state and the society in pre-modern Sunni Islam / Michael Winter ; 
Al-Jabarti's attitude towards the 'ulama' of his time / Shmuel Moreh
Confronting a changing world : modernization, reform and national discourse. 'Ulama' and political activism in the late Ottoman empire : the political career of Şeyhülislâm Mustafa Sabri Efendi (1869-1954) / Amit Bein ; 
Italian colonial rule and the Muslim elites in Libya : a relationship of antagonism and collaboration / Anna Baldinetti ; 
Education, politics, and the struggle for intellectual leadership : al-Azhar between 1927 and 1945 / Rainer Brunner ; 
The Iraqi Afghanis and 'Abduhs : debate over reform among Shiʻite and Sunni 'ulama' in interwar Iraq / Orit Bashkin ; 
Western scholars on the role of the 'ulama' in adapting the Shariʻa to modernity : a critical review / Ron Shaham
Guardians of the faith in semi-tribal societies. 'Ulama, ' tribalism and the national struggle in Morocco, 1944-1956 / Daniel Zisenwine ; 
Reconciling tribalism and Islam in the writings of contemporary 'ulama' in Saudi Arabia / Muhammad al-Atawneh
Ideological rivals. Wahhabis, Sufis and Salafis in early twentieth century Damascus / David Commins ; 
The clerics' betrayal? : Islamists, 'ulama' and the polity / Meir Hatina ; 
Liberal critics, 'ulama' and the debate on Islam in the contemporary Arab world / Muhammad Abu Samra ; 
In defense of Muhammad : 'ulama', Daʻiya and the new Islamic internationalism / Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen

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