Monday, February 22, 2010

Home of the Hearts by Dawud McCarthy

[Thanks to brother Dawud for allowing me to post his poem here]

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Yo Imam D, your rhyme was sweet
Race to do good deeds, shall we compete?
Put the word on the street
It's chilly outside, so let's bring some heat

Homes of the Hearts

They say home is where the heart is
But that's just a part of it
The Qur'an is the start of it
Where hearts go when they're homesick

Oh Flipper of the Hearts
Keep mine firm
So every day I can learn what I earn
And at every turn I won't slip
And over my own ego I don't trip

Some travels put distance between me and my brothers
So even if we're not around to help one another
When two people love each other for the sake of Allah
They can overlook every flaw
Their bond stays tight and their love don't fall
Even if they can't find time to write or call

'Cause our connection is not one that goes over the phone
So even if we're afraid to stand alone
We connect to the One that holds the soul
Of every sis and bro from the North to South Pole

I want to remind us all and put myself first
What started in the cradle ends in the hearse
With that in mind let's reflect on the verse
Those who forget Allah truely are the worst

And if I forget, Lord guide me to what's better
So I can count the blessings on each and every letter
Through my struggle, my sins please forgive
Through my supplication another day I might live

If I live, I want to live to the fullest
Because Hell is hot so I want to stay coolest
And the coolest are the real true lovers
Who love Allah, their families and the others
We have so many brothers that aren't from our mothers

Of the blessings of this world is that Islam suffices
Oh friends and family overlook my vices
To get to the goal I make sacrifices

Everyday I'm away I pray that we stay
Close like the dock to the bay
Close like the blue to the Jay
Or the earth to the clay

This life has its sweetness, but it's so fleeting
I'll just say what I think's worth repeating
If I can roam home to visit, it'd be nice
If not, I hope we catch up in the Paradise

Bi Tawfiq, in sha Allah

An American Salman

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