Monday, June 6, 2011

Bio-Brief 2011: Imam Shair Abdul-Mani

Imam Shair Abdul-Mani is a graduate of Islamic Studies and Comparative Theology from the Seminary of the Two Martyrs (Madrasa Shahidayn) [1971-1975] in New York, while concurrently attending Columbia University Hospital School of Nursing, from which he graduated in 1976. The following year, he received his “Imamical Seal” from the State of New York. He completed his graduate studies in 2001 in Interdisciplinary Studies and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Salamanca, Spain.

From 1992-2002, he served as the Dean of Students at Madrasa Islamiya in New York while concurrently being appointed Adjunct Professor at New York University in 1994. Imam Shair is the Founding Director of “Maishah Scholars Honor Society [1995] and is the author of the “Dolphin Food Reading List.” Additionally, he has taught The Living Witness Lecture Series at The Islamic Center at New York University.

In 2003, he was appointed Chaplain for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority State Police. He is also the Communications Director for American Muslim Law Enforcement Officers Association.

Known as “The Renaissance Imam,” he was awarded the coveted CSA (Community Service Award) in 2010 ”…in acknowledgement of [his] devotion to the NYPD Muslim Officers Society, the Muslim Community and the City of New York.”

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