Friday, January 6, 2012

Stephen Walt on the "leaner" military budget revealed yesterday

And make no mistake: the "leaner" military budget revealed yesterday does not herald a fundamental change in our overall approach to the rest of the world. The United States will still be spending several times more on national security than any other single country, and more than the top ten or so nations combined. Our strategic attention will shift toward Asia and away from protracted counter-insurgency efforts (decisions that I applaud), but the United States will still be a preponderant power, will still maintain an extensive array of military bases around the world, and will still be strongly disposed to interfere in other nation's affairs. We may be using somewhat different tools (i.e., drones and special forces rather than large occupying armies), but these are tactical rather than strategic adjustments.

Phil Donahue on Ron Paul & Foreign Policy

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Video: Daily Show with Jon Stewart Exposes Fla. GOP Effort to Bar Muslim -… #MuslimsVote #Islamophobia

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf حمزة يوسف الدروس عند ملك المغرب محمد السادس

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Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood (Trailer)

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Duke Islamic Studies Center

Edhi we love you (November 30, 2011)

الجنة لنا إلا إن أبينا Paradise is Ours Unless We Refusee

Actual official video

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Sheikh Hamza Yusuf At 30 Years Of Taqwa

New ISPU Report: Understanding Trends in American Muslim Divorce and Marriage: A Discussion Guide for Families and Communities

30th Anniversary of Masjid Taqwa DVD

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Alleged Queens firebomber wanted to massacre Muslims in mosque, prosecutors say

Physicists Seek To Lose The Lecture As Teaching Tool

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Arabic Language teaching resource of Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim (author of the Madinah books)

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The Content of Character Copybook : Arabic Handwriting Workbook of Ethical Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad : Volume 1 (Hamza Yusuf, Kinza Press)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lowe's meets with local Muslim leader over ad flap

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Juan Cole: Will his New Sanctions on Iran Cost Obama the Presidency?

Critical Muslim Studies: Decolonial Struggles, Theology of Liberation and Islamic Revival Granada, Spain-June 4-16, 2012

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ALIM Winter Program in Detriot, MI: Prophet Muhammad (s): Real and Relevant

Yemen: On the Permaculture Map

Dr. Umar F. Abd-Allah kept on talking about permaculture at the RIS conference and retreat this year ma sha Allah!...

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Sakina Grome: Hiking in the Berkeley Hills during the Zaytuna Summer Arabic Language Intensive 2008!/2012/01/zaytuna-summer-arabic-intensive-hike.html

Monday, January 2, 2012

Somalia Faces Alarming Rise in Rapes of Women and Girls

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Remembering 9/11 by Suehaila Amen ('from All-American Muslim')

NYT: Obscuring a Muslim Name, and an American’s Sacrifice [Mohammad Salman Hamdani]

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Cuomo, Bloomberg, ’13ers, Decry Anti-Muslim Attacks In Queens

Suspect in Firebombings Is Seen in Security Video

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14 Muslim Leaders Plan Boycott of Breakfast With Mayor

Four Attacks in Queens With Homemade Firebombs

FDNY: Report of fire attack against Islamic center

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Habib Ali al-Jifri, Dr. Umar Abd-Allah, & Shaykh Yahya Rhodus visit SeekersHub Toronto

Muslim leaders boycott New York mayoral event

المؤتمر الدولي للتصوف - الحبيب علي الجفري

Tariq Ramadan: Pondering Over 2011

The Western protests echoed the uprisings in MENA. In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria people have been saying no to dictators. They call for social justice, dignity and democracy—the same democracy that is now being questioned, mistrusted and more and more often betrayed in the West. This is a transnational movement, some call it “an Arab spring”, yet the awareness and the claims remain very nationalistic. Tunisians for Tunisia, Egyptians for Egypt, and so on and so forth : liberating national movements are creating this protective “us” for a while. But for a while only. Soon, in Libya, Egypt and Syria the regional and global challenges will be revealing the ultimate socioeconomic truth : to free a country is not enough ; it is nothing, in fact, if the underlying economic power relationships are not challenged, reformed or simply rejected outright. A political so-called spring can lead to a cold economic winter. The streets of the South should listen carefully to those of the North and vice-versa : their “us” needs “them”. A true liberating movement must merge the hopes of the former and the disillusionments of the latter in order to produce a realistic alternative.
2011 has revealed much. While the oppressed remain oppressed, and while the Palestinians are still forgotten, we must remain positive and full of energy. Peoples across the globe are saying “No ;” they want to be treated with dignity. They might not know how to build a better future but the first step is to stand up and to speak out. Let us hope 2011 will prove to have been a year of transition : beyond the Occupy movement, the Arab awakening, confronting the global environmental and economic crises—we can only hope peoples will understand how interconnected their fates have become. Paradoxically, in our global world, there will be no freedom and independence for one country if all countries fail to understand their mutual dependence. The South’s dreams are connected to the North’s resistant dynamics as much as the Japanese nuclear threat is related to our survival. Our world needs, beyond our scattered hopes, a new transnational ideology. Our narrow “us” needs a new global “us”, for the sake of “our” unique humanity.,11824.html?lang=en