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Alaa Ya Allah bi Nadhra, sung by Sayyid Mohammed Assaggaf @ SeekersHub on 10th Nov 2011

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Ishmael Reed: Trouble Beside the Bay via Najeeb and Haroon

EXCLUSIVE: Funders Behind NYPD’s Mysterious Private ‘Counter-Terrorism’ Foundation via Cyrus

WAYWARD SON - The Jordan Richter Story (Panel Discussion)
The premiere screening of "Wayward Son - The Jordan Richter Story" took place at Ta'leef Collective in Fremont, Ca on July 9, 2011.

This video is an excerpt from the panel discussion that followed the screening (with Jordan Richter, Usama Canon, Mustafa Davis, and Imam Suhaib Webb).

'WAYWARD SON - The Jordan Richter Story' is the intimate story of professional skateboarder Jordan Richter and his rapid rise and disappearance from the sport of Skateboarding. Jordan embraced the religion of Islam in the mid 90's and out of what he felt was a religious obligation, quit professional competition. 15 years later he learns that skateboarding is not prohibited in Islam and making up for lost time, attempts a comeback.

The Order of Light - novel by Haroon Moghul

Haroon Moghul's Essays on Religion Dispatches

Special Online Course: Legal Foundations of the Maliki School 1.0 Usul al-Fiqh al-Maliki A Study of Al-Isharat fi Usul al-Fiqh of Abu al-Walid al-Baji (d. 474 AH)

Haandi, Curry Hill Restaurant via Jordan and Wajahat

What Do Muslim Women Do for Fun?

"forty-four years ago in 1967, The Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood Inc. was incorporated.

This was two years after the martyrdom, of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. The M.I.B. Is the lineal descendant of The Muslim Mosque Inc."

Also see: Amir al-Islam's dissertation (from the Department of History at NYU under Michael Gomez, January 2010): "Sunni Islam in the African American experience: the dialectic and dialogic of race, ethnicity and islamicity ; mapping and decoding the mosque of Islamic Brotherhood 1964-2001."

من جمال سيدنا النبي - الحبيب علي الجفري

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Shaykh Hamza Yusuf's translation and commentary on "Qurrat al-Absar", or Discerning the Eyes’ Delight, a beautiful account of the life of the Messenger of God

During the 2008 Rihla to Mecca and Madina, Hamza Yusuf translated and explained the profound and eloquent poem titled Qurrat al-Absar, or Discerning the Eyes’ Delight, a beautiful account of the life of the Messenger of God written by the noble Shaykh ‘Abd al-’Aziz al-Lamti in the 10th century of the Islamic era.

For a limited time, watch all 13 lessons of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s translation and commentary of Qurrat al-Absar (The Discerning Eye’s Delight) for free!

These videos will only be available until January 1, 2012, so sign up for a free membership and watch online!

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Ahadith Bukhari - Shaykh Walead Mosaad - Part 1 - 11/3/11

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Imam Talib Abdul-Rashid bio

Imam Talib's blog:

Imam Talib Abdul-Rashid quote (from Illume)

“The way that this whole issue is playing out is the result of what I call a failed strategy on the part of Arab and southern Asian Muslims to be accepted into American society or assimilated into American society and a successful strategy on the part of the status quo [and] ruling class on the other hand.” Abdur-Rashid believes that the failed strategy of Arab and southern Asian Muslims was in not promoting a dialogue with African-American Muslims once they arrived in America, especially after the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and the Immigration Act of 1965.
“An important part of their assimilation strategy has been to put an immigrant face on Islam in America,” said Abdur-Rashid. “Many of the immigrants who have come here have been financially well off. This has enabled them to found influential national organizations as they pursue a strategy of empowerment. All immigrants want to be empowered; all immigrants want to be part of American society. They’ve worked to put an immigrant face on Islam in America.
“As these immigrants have come here, two things have happened. One is that their goal has been to assimilate into White America, since we all know there are two Americas. And the America that these southern Asian and Arab immigrants have strived to assimilate to is not the America you and I are sitting in right now,” said Abdur-Rashid. “In doing this, the fact is that they came to this country and, for the most part, ignored the presence of African-American Muslims. [They] made no attempt to link with us, work with us, dialogue with us.
“Up until the past couple of decades, when you said Islam and Muslims in America, people have always thought about African-Americans. All of the famous Muslims in America up until this decade have been African-Americans who have had a tremendous impact on American society. Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar. The list goes on.
“It’s failed not because these same Muslims had ill intent towards African-Americans; it was because they didn’t know the territory,” Abdur-Rashid continued. “They underestimated the underbelly of American society and the role that racism toward people of color has always played in American society. After Sept. 11, their artificial white privilege was revoked and they just became another kind of nigger in America. And the status quo started treating them like that.”

Sacred Knowledge Podcasts: Ya Imam ar-Rusli | al-Hajj Muhammad al-Barraq

Released Apr 17, 2011

Ya Imam ar-Rusli performed by the late Shaykh Muhammad al-Barraq (rahimahullah)

Why Imam Talib Will March (Nov. 17th iA)

Thinking Allowed: Muslim Women's Basketball

Released Oct 26, 2011

Samaya Farooq tells Laurie on her new study of muslim sports women who combine faith and fitness.

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كلمة الحبيب عمر بن حفيظ في ثاني ليالي التشريق 1432هـ via

Visual Awareness UNESCO Vote Results

On the 31st of October 2011 the UNESCO General Conference voted on whether to admit Palestine as a Member State. Although the number of votes was published, it was difficult to get an idea of the distribution of votes. This infographic attempts to give an insight into where the votes came from.

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Habib Umar Dua on haj1432 @ arafah

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Amir Sulaiman | The Meccan Openings

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A Road to Mecca - Al Jazeera World - Al Jazeera English

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Simple Sadaqa

100% of your donation funds drilling equipment that will bring clean water to people in Ethiopia.

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Hamza Yusuf - Jummah @ ADAMS Center

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George Monbiot – The Self-Attribution Fallacy

Rally and Friday Prayers - Stop NYPD and CIA Repression

Muslims Without Borders

AMP - Challenges of Working for Palestine in the U.S.

Women Against Islamophobia & Racism (WAIR*)

Women Against Islamophobia & Racism (WAIR*) is a collective of educators, parents, and community activists from different ethnic, racial, and religious communities that formed in response to the alarming growth of anti-Muslim sentiment and actions across the United States. We aim to challenge Islamophobia, racism, and xenophobia and connect struggles of identity-based discrimination. We will focus on the communal and psychological impact of hate speech and actions on youth and families whose needs have not been given adequate attention in the current political atmosphere. We will make our voices heard on critical issues impacting our communities and will draw on our varied experiences and backgrounds to link young people, educators, and organizers alike with curricular and other resources that will facilitate the creation of safe spaces, strong allies, and intentional communities.

Amir al-Islam's website ma sha Allah

Also see: Offering an Islamic Perspective On the Great African Diaspora


Amir Al-Islam is currently an Assistant Professor at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Dr. Al-Islam formerly held the post of Distinguished Lecturer on African American History, Islam, and World Civilization at Medgar Evers College, City University of New York (CUNY) in Brooklyn, NY. He received his Ph.D. from New York University in African American and African Diasporic History. Prior to joining CUNY, Professor Al-Islam worked for 15 years as the Coordinator of Religious Affairs (Dawah) and Community Outreach of the Muslim World League Office to the United Nations. He is the former Secretary General of the World Council of Muslims for Interfaith Relations, U.S.A., served as Secretary General of the World Conference on Religion and Peace USA, and is a founding Director of the Joint African / African American Muslim Commission on HIV/AIDS and Orphaned Children, located at the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood in Harlem, New York.

Dr. Al-Islam has helped facilitate collaboration among people of various religious, ethnic and culturally diverse backgrounds internationally through his participation in peace and interfaith initiatives such as the UN Conference on Social Development in Copenhagen, 1994; the World Conference of Religious Leaders at the Vatican, 1995; the UN World Habitat II, Istanbul, 1996; the Millennium World Peace Summit at the UN, New York, 2001; and two meetings of the World Parliament of Religions in South Africa, 2000 and in Spain, 2004. During Sierra Leone’s civil strife in the 1990’s, he helped establish one of their first interfaith councils in that country.

Dr. Al-Islam assisted in organizing the first delegation of Muslim leaders to visit Auschwitz, Poland during the 1990’s. He also served as Senior Advisor for several World Youth Peace Summits convened from 2004 through 2007 to address critical social issues, including those sponsored by the World Council of Religious Leaders in Bangkok and Sarajevo, and the Global Peace Initiative of Women in the U.S. and India in 2008. Dr. Al-Islam is one of the founders and serves on the leadership council of the Muslim Alliance in N. America (MANA) headquartered in New York City. Currently Dr. Al-Islam is the Chairman of the Board of the Inner City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) a non-profit NGO headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, which focuses on issues of social justice and delivers a range of direct services including a free medical clinic, a post-release program for former incarcerated Muslims, and an expansive youth program which engages young people, particularly artists, in programs of service and social change. Additionally, he is the founder of the newly established Institute for the Study of Islam Among Black Americans.


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Burdah Night-An Evening of Recitation 3

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Burdah Night-An Evening of Recitation 2

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Burdah Night An Evening of Recitation and Praise 1 of 3

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Shaykh Hamza Yusuf - The Heart of the Quran-Reflections from Surah Ya-Sin

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The Essence Of Maulid - Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

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Qurrat al-Absar (The Discerning Eye's Delight) — Lesson 5 excerpt

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All-American Id -

Via Naqeeb whose picture from the IC at NYU is featured :)

نفائس السيرة ( الحبيب عمر ) : الولادة - الحلقة الثانية

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Boyce Avenue - Dare to Believe (Official Music Video) on iTunes (EMA 2011)

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SeekersGuidance - The Abridgment of the Hadith of Bukhari

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These are days of Eid..dawud wharnsby ali

تكبيرات العيد‎ لفضيلة الشيخ مشاري العفاسي

تكبيرات العيد صوت رائع

Sound of tears - Nader Khan

Occupy Oakland - Jumah Nov. 4th 2011 Imam Zaid Shakir .mp4

Imam Zaid's khutba at Occupy Oakland ma sha Allah

Eid Al-Adha 2011: Dates, Prayers And Customs Explained

Occupy Oakland Solidarity - (Part 2) on Vimeo

Video with Imam Zaid Shakir via Mikael S.

Eid Al-Adha: Some Prayers Last Longer Than Others - The Huffington Post

By Haroon Moghul

Via Iram