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Fwd: [IqraReadingRoom] New Iqra Courses and Lecture Series

As Salamu Alaikum to all,
I want to begin by saying reminding the community that I'm leaving for Umra tomorrow insha-Allah. If I have offended or dishonored any of you, I ask your forgiveness. I will remember you all in my prayers as I travel and most definitely while in the Haram.
I will return next Saturday, March 17th insha-Allah at 10am. Iqra will be open this Saturday for it usual program, minus my class. This Saturday Iqra will be having a potluck dinner. We ask everyone to bring a dish, enough to serve 30 people. Dinner is at 7pm.
Next Saturday, March 17, my mother, Jihan Abdur-Rashid, will give an Islamic Art workshop at Iqra. This workshop will be interactive and each participate will have an opportunity to design their own Islamic tile mosaic. The workshop will begin at 8pm on March 17th. 
I'm pleased to announce the beginning of new Saturday night lecture series and a new Saturday course for adults at Iqra.
Satuday Night Lecture Series beginning in April:
1.) Imam Shair will give a lecture series and critique of Manning Marable's book: "Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention". The title of this lecture series is "Marable's Parable: Where X Missed the Spot! This lecture series will offer a critique of the late Columbia University professor Marable's biography of the life of Malcolm X. Imam Shair will present his own commentary of the contents and methods of the text and provide insight into the legacy of Malcom X for Muslims in the contemporary American environment. This lecture will be in English. Dates for the lecture: March 31, April 21 , May 12 ,
2.) Ustadh Ebad will give a lecture series and analysis of Sherman Jackson's book: "Islam and the Blackamerican".  Ebad will provide an explanation and analysis of the text in light of the career of Islam among American blacks and their interaction with immigrant Muslims. This lecture will be in English. Dates for the lecture: April 7 , April 28 , and May 19.
3.) Imam Khalil will give a lecture series and analysis of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (saaws). This lecture will explore the lives and characteristics of the wives of the prophet Muhammad, and reveal how each of them played an integral role in the development of the sunna. This lecture will be in English, however some parts will be in Turkish. Dates for the lecture: March 24th, April 14, May 5 and 26.
New Saturday Course at Iqra
Title: Islam and Modernity: Competing Tensions of Identity Formation

Course Day and Time: Every Saturday from 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Instructor: Khalil Abdur-Rashid

Description: This course will explore the dual systems for fashioning identity. On the one hand, Islam through the Quran and Sunna, is primarily concerned with shaping us and reshaping human life and human interaction with one specific goal in mind - becoming servants of Allah through worship. One the other hand, Modernity also attempts to shape and fashion human life and human interactions with a different goal. Both systems, Islam and Modernity, share spheres which overlap and which are opposites in their objective in shaping human identity. This class will explore this dual tension at shaping subjectivity and uncover the similar and competing themes of Islam and Modernity and how we as humans are both subject to and subject of both systems. This course will rely heavily upon two types of readings, one through Islamic texts in English and the other through readings about Modernity.

Course Dates: March 24th until May 27th

President Obama at 2012 AIPAC Policy Conference (33 min clip)

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President Obama Speaks at AIPAC (5 minute clip)

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Eve Ensler Reads "Over It" Essay [on rape] on Democracy Now!

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"It's always been private occasions

that make me feel connected to the joy and sorrows of the world, often in the form of communion with writers and musicians I'll never meet in person. Proust called these moments of unity between writer and reader 'that fruitful miracle of a communication in the midst of the solitude.' His use of religious language was surely no accident."

-Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain, pgs. 68-69.

Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice

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Via Rayad

Bill Moyers interviews Glenn Greenwald (3/3)

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Bill Moyers interviews Glenn Greenwald (2/3)

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Bill Moyers interviews Glenn Greenwald (1/3)

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About The Third Jihad (narration brought to you by Zuhdi Jasser)

Zuhdi Jasser In Support Of NYPD Mosque Surveillance Program - The Huffington Post

FiFA To Test Hijabs For Female Muslim Players - The Huffington Post

George Monbiot – A Manifesto for Psychopaths (on Ayn Rand)

Thanks Khalid!

The Prophet's love for his Ummah | Habib Umar

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Habib Umar on the Prophetic saying "spread peace"

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Monday, March 5, 2012


"The entire path, from beginning to end, is to increase our presence of heart and experience of the Divine in the prayer."

Pg. 160-161 of Sea Without Shore

Live Class with Abdal Hakim Murad: The Khilafa of Umar: Days of Glory

The Khilafa of Umar: Days of Glory
Our next free live class on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at
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Quilliam Press presents — The Khilafa of Umar: Days of Glory
Taught by:
Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad
Date and time:
Saturday, March 10, 2012
7:00pm to 8:00pm (GMT)

Watch live online at:

Umar ibn al-Khattab, known as al-Faruq, 'the Discerner', was the second of the four Rightly-Guided Caliphs. One of the greatest rulers in world history, he laid down the institutions of a solid Muslim government. Under his farsighted leadership, armies moved in every direction to liberate neighbouring lands.

Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, was passionate in his devotion to the Din of Islam and establishing Allah's laws among His servants.

He was also a man of prayer and fasting, who paid little attention to the temporary pleasures of the world. He said: 'No part of Allah's wealth is allowed to Umar, save two garments: one for the winter, and the other for summer, and what I need to take me to Umra and the Hajj. My provisions for my family are those of an ordinary man of Quraysh, neither the wealthiest nor the poorest. After that, I am just a man from among the Muslims.'

Click here to watch our previous class — The Khilafa of Abu Bakr: A Time of Challenge

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Malcolm X Event Flyer--Please publicize!

Attached you should be able to find the flyer for an upcoming shuruq event: The Legacy of Malcolm X.

Details: Thursday March 22nd: Lecture by Imam Shair Abdul-Mani commemorating the accomplishments of Malcolm X; tying in the importance of human rights activism given the current social climate.

This event is part of a 3-event series honoring Malcom X. 7-9pm in Kimmel Rm 914.

For more details please feel free to reach out to myself, Noor at or Tarek at

Please distribute and advertise widely, iA.

Thank you so much,

all the best,

Noor Siddiqi

US Bible Belt tightens Super Tuesday tussle

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US soldiers may face reprimand in Quran case

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Susan Cain: The power of introverts

I really liked this talk (probably because I am so introverted :))

Check out this video on YouTube:

@InjusticeFacts, 3/5/12 1:04 AM

Injustice Facts (@InjusticeFacts)
3/5/12 1:04 AM
McDonald's managers tell their employees 'unless it stinks very very badly don't bother changing the frying oil.'