Saturday, October 24, 2015

Right Mind, Right Heart


Friday November 6th after Isha 7:45pm
Saturday November 7th @ 1-6pm.
NBIC 1330 Livingston Ave, North Brunswick NJ

Iman is right belief. Islam is right action. Ihsan is right state. 

Friday night Shaykh Salek will be discussing critical aspects of belief that need to be revived.

Saturday is a day-long lecture 1-6pm on ihsan. The science of tasawwuf is from the Quran & Sunna. All else is rejected. The culture of tasawwuf is sometimes it's own worst enemy. Shaykh Salek seeks to bring it back to its origins and fundamentals.

Shaykh Salek b. Siddna was born and educated in Mauritania. He is a master of fiqh, language, and many other sciences. He has been teaching between Mauritania and California for the past decade. 

$10/child 3-13 (three or more children $25)

Child-minding will be provided.
Food vendors will be present at event.
To have a booth/table at the event, contact

Friday, October 23, 2015

Newly Discovered Letter from Malcolm X from Mecca dated April 25, 1964

In regards to the legitimacy of this letter, Zaheer Ali, an oral historian who served as the project manager and senior researcher of the Malcolm X Project at Columbia University, says it's likely this letter was actually written by Malcolm X. 
"Based on everything I've seen, handwriting and context, I can confidently say that yes, this letter is his letter," he told the Huffington Post. 'The content is consistent, this isn't uncommon. He was very prolific." 
Ali explained that the pilgrimage to Mecca had a profound effect on Malcolm X and that he often sent letters about it as a way to "broadcast" his message. 
However, Ali doesn't believe this letter should be for sale. "I don’t think you can put a price tag on this," he explained. "Even though this is his personal correspondence, his intention was that this was to be made available to the public." 
Regardless, Ali believes the letter's message, addressing race and religion, is particularly timely today.  
"However this letter surfaced, it surfaced at the right time."

"To put it bluntly,

Islamic civilization died quite some time ago, unlike Islam which is very much alive; we will thus be concerned with the wider civilization only when it is relevant to features of the enduring religious heritage. The other reason is that a major component--perhaps the major component--of pre-modern Islam was Ṣūfism. Today Ṣūfism is by no means dead, but it is not at the cutting edge of the developments that concern us; instead its role is mainly that of a target for movements that see themselves as propagating pure Islam." 
-Michael Cook, Ancient Religions, Modern Politics, p. xiv.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Passion of Imam Husayn: A Passion Play by Ustadh Ali Ataie

The oft-repeated statement “Every day is ‘Aashurah and every land is Karbala” captures succinctly the metamorphic and cosmic significance of Imam Husayn’s (al-Mazlum) stand against corruption and tyranny. His struggle is seen as transcendent and transhistorical; a reminder for the human consciousness that unless one is willing to suffer and die for the sake of his/her principles or beliefs, one has not really lived. Many in the Shi’a community understand the ta’ziyyah to function in exactly such a way, yet theological and/or jurisprudential concerns have severely limited Sunni experience of the passion narrative of the Ahl al-Bayt. 

IN ISRAEL, DE BLASIO PARSES WORDS - Times's Michael Grynbaum:

"His 48-hour trip to Israel, which concluded on Sunday, was conceived as a standard-issue outreach to Jewish groups. It quickly morphed into a tricky political balancing act, as Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, found himself arriving here amid an outbreak of violence, casting his words and actions into an unusually harsh glare...I don't want to pretend to understand the nuances of the situation," said Mr. de Blasio, who visited with Mr. Netanyahu on Sunday. "I think it's important as an outsider to not claim to know more than I do. I think this is a larger human reality, that peace is necessary, attacks on civilians are unacceptable, and no civilian leaders should ever condone attacks on civilians."
via Azi Paybarah, Jimmy Vielkind and Mike Allen [] 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chris Hedges and Cornel West in Conversation - Wages of Rebellion | The ...

Imam Zaid Shakir: Eid Al-Adha 2015 Sermon at Hartford Seminary

"In this age the truth is posited precisely

 where the power structures of the day would say it is not; God is not to be found with the well-fed investment bankers but with the seemingly impoverished taxi drivers that drive them around. These are the inheritors to the Ishmaelite tradition, for God is with the outcast, the downtrodden, the despised. 
-Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (Tim Winter)