Saturday, October 24, 2015

Right Mind, Right Heart


Friday November 6th after Isha 7:45pm
Saturday November 7th @ 1-6pm.
NBIC 1330 Livingston Ave, North Brunswick NJ

Iman is right belief. Islam is right action. Ihsan is right state. 

Friday night Shaykh Salek will be discussing critical aspects of belief that need to be revived.

Saturday is a day-long lecture 1-6pm on ihsan. The science of tasawwuf is from the Quran & Sunna. All else is rejected. The culture of tasawwuf is sometimes it's own worst enemy. Shaykh Salek seeks to bring it back to its origins and fundamentals.

Shaykh Salek b. Siddna was born and educated in Mauritania. He is a master of fiqh, language, and many other sciences. He has been teaching between Mauritania and California for the past decade. 

$10/child 3-13 (three or more children $25)

Child-minding will be provided.
Food vendors will be present at event.
To have a booth/table at the event, contact