Sunday, July 22, 2012

Forty Divisions of the Religious Foundations-Imam Al-Ghazzali-TODAY- Link for FREE Online Session with Shaykh Abdullah Ali

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Special Ramadhan  Courses  

             Al-Arba'in fi Usul al-Din" of Imam Ghazali
       (The Forty Divisions of the Religious Foundations)
                     FREE ONLINE SESSION WITH
                     Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

Today! Sunday-7/22/2012 Class begins at 6:30 Eastern Standard Time

  Join us for this special session with Shaykh Abdullah Ali. The session will be conducted using our WIZIQ portal. When you click the link that is provided for the session, you will see link on WIZIQ that allows you to check your computer system to ensure that you can participate in the session. Please be sure that your computer speakers are working properly. Upon entry into the session, you will be prompted type your  name to enter the session. You will be able to communicate with Shaykh Abdullah by  typing in the  'chat' feature. If you have any technical difficulties you can type any questions into this chat feature and someone will attempt to assist you. Please wait until Shaykh Abdullah has completed the session to address any questions about the session to him.  At the end of the session you will be asked for feedback...please share you thoughts about the session with us.  

  To participate in the session please click HERE

"Iceberg Slim & The Pre-Conscious"
Dr Sherman Abdul-Hakim Jackson  
Iceberg Slim & The Pre-Conscious
 An audio excerpt from our upcoming exclusive
 sessison with Dr Sherman Abdul-Hakim Jackson 
"Sufism for Non-Sufis"

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Special Ramadhan Courses!
Iceberg Slim & The Pre-Conscious
Ramadhan Message from Shaykh Abdullah Ali
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 "Ramadhan Message" from Shaykh Abdullah Ali

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