Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Prayer

O Author of the book of existence and of the Divine Word that is the Quran, we thank Thee for having given us the opportunity to live day and night for all these years with Thy Word and to be transformed by this indescribable experience. Whatever we have been able to achieve is the result of Thy Succor, and for whatever imperfection exists in our work we take full responsibility, asking Thy Forgiveness before the Throne of Thy Mercy. Absolute Perfection belongs to Thee and to Thy revealed Word alone, and no translation or commentary on Thy Word by human beings can share in a Quality that is Thine alone. Nevertheless, we pray that our efforts be acceptable in Thy sight and that this work becomes a guide for those who wish to navigate upon the ocean of Thy Word, which, although in human language, opens inwardly unto the infinite expanses of Thy Reality. Thou art the First and the Last, the Outward, and the Inward. Amen.
-The Study Quran, pgs. xlix-xlx.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Saudi Arabia to Build World's Tallest Tower..

"وجعل كل قديم حديثاً في عصره."

فأما ابن قتيبة فقال: لم يقصر الله الشعر والعلم والبلاغة على زمن دون زمن، ولا خص قوماً دون قوم، بل جعل الله ذلك مشتركاً مقسوماً بين عباده في كل دهر، وجعل كل قديم حديثاً في عصره.