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NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast –

Times of Wisdom with Imam Dawood Yasin in Canton, Michigan

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Times of Wisdom
Lessons from the Prophet's Life  

For generations of scholars and laypersons, the wisdom of the Quran has been brought to life by reflective study of the biography of the Beloved of God. His life story has served as a means for education, transformation and the cultivation of love for the Chosen One, Muhammad (upon him be peace).

In this course, students will examine the chronological events of the life of the Final Prophet with an emphasis on the wisdom and lessons contained therein. From his personal relationships and interactions, to his position as leader of a community, to his relationship with his Lord, to his mission of calling others to the faith, the course will cover all major aspects, phases, and events of his blessed life.
Imam Dawood Yasin

When & Where:  
Fri - Sun (Mar 2-4, 2012)

Free Friday: Angels Circle @ 8pm at MCWS Mosque  
(babysitting is available $5 donation suggested) 

Parallel Children's Program:  
Sat & Sun Only - $15/day/child 
Children will engage in lessons and activities focused on the Life of the Prophet (S). This will complement lessons learned in the main session.  

MCWS Mosque 

40440 Palmer Road
Canton, MI 48188 
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Deen Intensive Foundation

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Deen Intensive Foundation: Rihla Summer Program 2012 in Istanbul

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Interdisciplinary research

Interdisciplinary research isn't a process of linear transfer. You can't say, 'Well, here I've done my work in siesmology' and hand it to the theologian and say, 'Will you make something sensible out of this from your perspective?' Things have to be conceived and executed at the nexus between the two disciplines. You have to start at the very beginning and frame the problem in a way that is valuable to both at once.

John Mutter, Professor of Earth and Environmental Studies and Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

-Quoted as the epigraph in the Union Seminary Quarterly Review, Volume 63: 1&2

[Stumbled upon this just now at the NYU library on the 3rd floor collection of periodicals. It has a 19 page article called "Islamic Environmental Stewardship: Nature and Science in the Light of Islamic Philosophy" by Munjed M. Murad.

Apparently, you can read the entire review here]


Yazid b. Abu Habib from Marthad b. 'Abdullah al-Yazani from Abu Ruhm al-Sama'i [who] told me that Abu Ayyub told him: 'When the apostle came to lodge with me in my house he occupied the ground floor, while I and Umm Ayyub were above. I said to him, "O prophet of God, you are dear to me as my parents, and I am distressed that I should be above and you below me. So leave your present quarters and exchange places with us." He replied: "O Abu Ayyub, it is more convenient for me and my guests that we should be on the ground floor of the house." So we remained as we were. Once we broke a jar of water and Umm Ayyub and I took one of our garments to mop up the water in fear that it would drop on the apostle and came him annoyance. We had no cloth which we could use.
'We used to prepare his evening meal and send it to him. When he returned what was left, Umm Ayyub and I used to touch the spot where his hand had rested and eat from that in the hope of gaining a blessing.'
-pgs. 229-230 of The Life of Muhammad: A Translation of Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah by A. Guillaume

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60% of Obama's 2012 budget for the military....

Patrick J. Ryan, S.J.: Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Lurid Picture of Nigeria’s Muslims in Newsweek

Patrick J. Ryan, S.J., the Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society at Fordham University, has spent about half his life as a Jesuit priest working mostly in Nigeria and Ghana.

On Heroes

"Why'd you come-the first time?"
She rubbed her cigarette into the dirt. "Because I hate to see a hero fail. There are so few of them."
She said it seriously and he felt she meant it.
"Without heroes we're all plain people and don't know how far we can go."
"You mean the big guys set the records and the little buggers try and bust them?"
"Yes, it's their function to be the best and for the rest of us to understand what they represent and guide ourselves accordingly."
He hadn't thought of it that way but it sounded all right.
"There are so many young boys you influence."
"That's right," said Roy.
"You've got to give them your best."
"I try to do that."
"I mean as a man too."
He nodded.
-pg. 148 of The Natural by Bernard Malamud

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Dustin Craun: Breaking the Chains of Modernity | Adbusters
Similar to Gloria Anzaldua’s concept La Facultad, a form of inner knowledge, is the Islamic concept of Al Basira, the eye of the heart, which is the center of spiritual perception if properly developed. As the great Mystic philosopher Al-Ghazali put it in his masterwork of the inner sciences of Islam, Ihya’ ulum al-din, “Creation refers to the external, and character to the internal, form. Now, the human is composed of a body which perceives with ocular vision (basar) and a spirit (ruh) and a soul (nafs) which perceive with inner sight (basira). Each of these things has an aspect and a form which is either ugly or beautiful. Furthermore, the soul which perceives with inner sight (basira) is of greater worth than the body which sees with ocular vision.” In seeing with the eye of our heart we can begin to differentiate between form and meaning, as the outward forms of things are not always their internal and spiritual reality.
The vision of our hearts has become blinded by the poison of base materialism. In the verse poetry of the early female Sufi saint, Rabi’a al-Adawiyya: “O children of Nothing! Truth can’t come in through your eyes, Nor can speech go out through your mouth to find [God], Hearing leads the speaker down the road to anxiety, And if you follow your hands and feet you will arrive at confusion. The real work is in the Heart: Wake up your Heart! Because when the Heart is completely awake, Then it needs no Friend.”

Freedom from cycle of violence - Tariq Ramadan,11863.html?lang=fr

Syria: Who is Right, Who is Wrong? - Tariq Ramadan,11865.html?lang=en

The Graduate Center, CUNY - Spring 2012
Public Programs for the Public Mind

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"Reclaiming a sense of the sacred" (via the Chronicle of Higher Education) ~ #fb

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Check out our hashtag #ICNYU2012 for some great moments and gems from the conference and share your own using the same tag as well

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Great convo btwn @ggreenwald and Chomsky on Liberty and Justice for Some:

Interview With Chris Hedges About Black Bloc Thursday 9 February 2012

Upcoming Online Class by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad on The Khilafa of Umar

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