Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yazid b. Abu Habib from Marthad b. 'Abdullah al-Yazani from Abu Ruhm al-Sama'i [who] told me that Abu Ayyub told him: 'When the apostle came to lodge with me in my house he occupied the ground floor, while I and Umm Ayyub were above. I said to him, "O prophet of God, you are dear to me as my parents, and I am distressed that I should be above and you below me. So leave your present quarters and exchange places with us." He replied: "O Abu Ayyub, it is more convenient for me and my guests that we should be on the ground floor of the house." So we remained as we were. Once we broke a jar of water and Umm Ayyub and I took one of our garments to mop up the water in fear that it would drop on the apostle and came him annoyance. We had no cloth which we could use.
'We used to prepare his evening meal and send it to him. When he returned what was left, Umm Ayyub and I used to touch the spot where his hand had rested and eat from that in the hope of gaining a blessing.'
-pgs. 229-230 of The Life of Muhammad: A Translation of Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah by A. Guillaume

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