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Times of Wisdom with Imam Dawood Yasin in Canton, Michigan

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Times of Wisdom
Lessons from the Prophet's Life  

For generations of scholars and laypersons, the wisdom of the Quran has been brought to life by reflective study of the biography of the Beloved of God. His life story has served as a means for education, transformation and the cultivation of love for the Chosen One, Muhammad (upon him be peace).

In this course, students will examine the chronological events of the life of the Final Prophet with an emphasis on the wisdom and lessons contained therein. From his personal relationships and interactions, to his position as leader of a community, to his relationship with his Lord, to his mission of calling others to the faith, the course will cover all major aspects, phases, and events of his blessed life.
Imam Dawood Yasin

When & Where:  
Fri - Sun (Mar 2-4, 2012)

Free Friday: Angels Circle @ 8pm at MCWS Mosque  
(babysitting is available $5 donation suggested) 

Parallel Children's Program:  
Sat & Sun Only - $15/day/child 
Children will engage in lessons and activities focused on the Life of the Prophet (S). This will complement lessons learned in the main session.  

MCWS Mosque 

40440 Palmer Road
Canton, MI 48188 
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