Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Speaking again in the UK two months after Oxford,

Malcolm attempted to put the rising number of what he often called 'Negro rebellions' or 'reactions to police brutality' in perspective. At the London School of Economics, he argued:
This doesn't say [the destruction] is intelligent. But whoever heard of a sociological explosion that was done intelligently and politely? And this is what you're trying to make the Black man do. You're trying to drive him into a ghetto and make him the victim of every kind of unjust condition imaginable. Then when he explodes, you want him to explode politely! [Laughter]
-Saladin Ambar, Malcolm X at Oxford Union: Racial Politics in a Global Era. (Oxford: New York, 2014), 99. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Zaytuna Convocation and Commencement Videos (2010-2014)

2010. [Keynote address by Dr. James Donahue, former president of Graduate Theological Union (GTU).] Also see Video from Year One. Also see Light Without Fire: The Making of America's First Muslim College (out in paperback June 14 iA), by my friend Scott Korb.

2011 [Keynote address by Dr. Sherman Jackson]

2012 (Highlights) [Keynote address by Dr. Sulayman Nyang]

2013 Highlights [Keynote address by Dr. Zareena Grewal, author of Islam Is a Foreign Country: American Muslims and the Global Crisis of Authority (must read!)]

Commencement 2014:

President's Welcome by Hamza Yusuf

Introductory Remarks by Hatem Bazian

Supplication for the Graduates by Zaid Shakir

Also, look out for Maryam Kashani's dissertation “Seekers of Sacred Knowledge: Zaytuna College and the Education of American Muslims” and upcoming film, God willing!