Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"The believer is commanded not to approach the Qur'an 'in haste'...

"The believer is commanded not to approach the Qur'an 'in haste', just as he is told not to run to the communal prayers, even if he is late in joining the congregation; for it is said that slowness and deliberation come from God, whereas haste is of satanic origin. In the Surah called al-Furqan the definition of true Muslims includes those who, 'whenever they are reminded of their Lord's messages, do not fling themselves upon them [as if] deaf and blind' (Q.25.73); who, in the words of the commentator Zamakhshari, 'listen to it with wide-awake ears and look into it with seeing eyes'. The Qur'an holds up a mirror to those who approach it, and if they come to it for the wrong reasons or in the wrong spirit, they will find nothing there. If they are by nature superficial they will find in it only superficilaities, and if they profound, profundities in corresponding measure. If they come arrogantly they will interpret certain verses as justification for their arrogance - it is true enough that 'the devil can quote Scripture' - and if they seek immediate personal reward they will be rewarded with bitter fruit."

-pg. 79-80 of Islam and the Desinty of Man by Charles Le Gai Eaton

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