Sunday, May 23, 2010

NYT Letters: Roads to Success That Bypass College


  1. That last letter sent chills through my body ... because it brought to light the notion that we're living in a time of drastic change:
    "...And change is totally disorienting to people-- if it threatens their their employment, their social status, their sense of political empowerment. People need solid ground to stand on. And I think that you have two options in a time of extreme dynamism: You can scream, "Stop the world I want to get off and look for ways to make it simple again. And I really think a lot of these more extreme things that are happening today... [in American politics]...I think it's really a way of saying, "I want control of my own life again. Things are way out of hand. What I think we have to do is to get back in the future business. And I don't really think there is any option because I don't think you can get off the world. And denial is not a strategy. It never works--ever..." Bill Clinton - May 7, 2010. PBS Need To Know - - Starting at around 15:35 in the video