Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The mystical vision of Sayyid Muhammad Mehdi ar-Rawas

Because the Shaykh was an Islamic worker who was in touch with the common folk, he always advised me to return to America to work for Islam. He shared with me the mystical vision of the great Rifa'i scholar, Sayyid Muhammad Mehdi ar-Rawas, who related the following over 200 years ago:

The stupefying illumination of that scene, whose light was revealed to me, and whose veils were drawn back for me, showed me that Allah would bring forth from depths of the unseen, from the overflowing unseen realities involved in that Muhammadaic state, men from whom the blinding luminosity of that [Muhammadaic] state would be removed from their hearts. Thereafter, springs of wisdom will burst forth from their hearts and will flow from the tongues of those men in unperceivable ways. Among them will be those who were the worst of disbelievers yesterday, transformed today into the purest of believers. Allah will surely complete His light. 
It is as if I see this being realized and divine forces are moving forth; unseen secrets are being manifested; tongues are speaking [with unprecedented wisdom]; the mystical secrets proving true; the suns conveying the light of divine aid are burning brightly; the fragrances of prophetic acceptance are diffusing all around. [At that time] a large number of Christians in Western lands, when they are at the peak of their strength and power –a spirit from the proof of the Muhammadaic, prophetic succor will be sent over them- Allah will guide the stray among them, and He will rectify their situation. They will be guided to faith in the pure oneness of God and the message of His Noble, Chosen Prophet, peace upon him. Their numbers will grow. 
This is a sign of Allah that He has concealed in the depths of the unseen as a gift to the trustworthy prophet, as a source of aid to the religion, and as a manifestation of divine care for the Muslims. I continued to see that divine aid extending itself outward, and the fresh water of that sea quenching the thirst of all attaining to it, extending its springs and rivulets to the people. Thus does your Lord say, "[Bringing about such things] is easy for me." A sprinkle from the clouds of His generosity irrigates whole lands. A glance from the eye of His care transforms a bitter enemy of God into a saint. Allah guides with His light whomsoever He pleases.
-Imam Zaid Shakir, "On the Passing of Shaykh Mustafa al-Turkmani." October 4, 2006