Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Bilal Initiative – Conversations about Race and Prejudice in Muslim America

2:30 – 3:30 PM
Session 14B
Room 9 – 10

The purpose of the Bilal Initiative is to reclaim the multi-generational, multicultural and
women-friendly ethos that seemed to be manifested in the early Muslim community as a
result of the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Aside from the inclusiveness noted
above, hadiths leave us a picture of a community that was characterized by open discussion
of differences based on age, race and gender. In addition, it is clear an assertive posture
was taken by the Prophet (saw), aimed at resolving such issues for the community. Unfortunately,
it appears that Muslims in the world today have abandoned these core values
as manifested in Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) community. Therefore, this Bilal Initiative
is conceived as one way to reclaim these important aspects of our collective heritage by
fostering open, honest, respectful community dialog for developing a more just and compassionate
Muslim America.

Speakers: Altaf Husain, Roula Allouch, Dawud Walid, Jimmy Jones

Moderator: Nadia Hassan