Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dr. Umar on liquor franchises

One of the most serious social ills affecting the American Muslim community at present is the existence of thousands of liquor stores owned by immigrant Muslims in the nation’s inner cities. Their presence threatens to undermine the gains that African-American Muslims made during the twentieth century through social engagement in these communities. In Chicago and other American cities, the ubiquitous presence of Muslim-owned liquor franchises has been a source of tension and conflict. [31] For Muslims to operate such stores or to ignore their presence is much more than a violation of the Islamic code. The liquor stores harm the neighborhoods and families where they are located and generally cast all Muslims in a negative light. In the eyes of prominent Muslim and non-Muslim civic leaders, the Muslim-owned liquor businesses in the inner cities are a socioeconomic blight. It is a top-priority societal obligation that American Muslims address this program more effectively and find a judicious solution.
-Dr. Umar F. Abd-Allah, "Living Islam With Purpose," pg.17-18

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